Best Concealed & Hidden Radar Detectors For Sale Reviews 2022 (2023)

Are you looking for a radar detector that will be hidden at the same time?

You’ve come to the right place! We found a list of concealed & hidden radar detector that won’t be noticed by any police force. Just keep reading this article to find out the best concealed and hidden radar detector 2019.

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What Are Concealed Radar Detector Models?

There are a few different types of radar detectors available on the market. The concealed radar detector models are the ones which are actually installed inside of your vehicle, which is different from those which are usually just mounted on the windshield with some additional accessories. These hidden radar detector models usually will include several modules such as the control panel, the laser detector, and the radar detector. Some of them also have additional features which are the laser blockers as well.

How Are Best Concealed Radar Detector 2019 Used?

This type of radar is usually mounted under the hood of the car or any other vehicle and is connected with the control panel which the driver can see. One great thing about these kinds of radar detectors is that the control panel can be installed anywhere you want to. Since it is not mounted on your windshield, not everyone will know you have a radar detector, which is another benefit. Most of their other features, however, are the same as the regular radar detectors which you can mount to your windshield or dashboard.

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Pros And Cons Of Concealed Radar And Laser Detector

If you are annoyed with all of the wires that need to be used with the normal radar detectors, these type of concealed radar detectors can be installed so that there are no visible wires all around. One of the downsides of these type of products is that you cannot just plug it out whenever you want to, once it has already been installed. Also if you can, we advise you to get a professional to install I into your vehicle.

The Main Focus Of This Article

In this article, we tried to gather some of the best-hidden radar detectors on the market. They are all the type of product that needs to be installed inside of the vehicle, and they cannot be mounted to your windshield. Both of them form the brand Whistler, which is a well-known radar and laser detector manufacturer. One of the benefits of this type of products is that you won’t have to spend additional money on buying accessories such as double suction cups or windshield mounts. To find out more about hidden radar detector reviews, keep on reading this article.

Best Concealed Radar Detector Reviews

Whistler PRO-3700 High-Performance Laser Radar Detector

The brand called Whistler is one of the main brands when it comes to creating the concealed radar detectors, but also all of the other types of radar detectors. The PRO-3700 model is one of those hidden detectors which need to be installed in your vehicle and cannot be mounted to your windshield. It offers many great features and will provide you with a clutter-free, built in look which for some drivers can be very convenient. The design of this hidden radar detector jammer is very sleek and seamless, and it will not look like you have a radar detector in your car at all.

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One great thing about this product is that it gives you a few options on how to install it. You can do it upside-down, horizontally or vertically. No matter how you do it the screen will still show the text correctly so you can easily read it. The display which shows all those pieces of information is a LED display, which contains three colors. It is also bilingual and you can choose between English and Spanish in the settings.

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The detector has a 360-degree detection range and can protect you from all kinds of radar bands such as -band, K-band, Superwide Ka-band, and all of the laser bands. It comes with the Radar Signature ID feature or the Ka-band identifier will display Ka 33.8, 34.0, 34.3, 34.7, or 35.5 when it detects Ka-bands. Another feature is the Laser Signature ID (LSID) which will indicate Pulses Per Second (PPS) which have been transmitted. To minimize the false alerts from occurring there I san added the feature which is called the Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) and also you will get four additional modes.

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When a few of the signals have been detected at the same time, the Alert Priority feature will prioritize and select only the most important ones and notify you about them. The dimensions of this product are 3.22″ L x 0.95″ W x 0.56″ Hand in the box, you will get the radar detector, installation guide, and the user manual. We advise you to read the installation guide before installing it or letting someone professional do it instead. One great thing about this product is that it comes with the warranty which will last you for 5 years, which isn’t the case with most of the other radar detectors. Overall, this is an amazing, high-quality product if you are looking from but-in concealed detectors.

Whistler PRO-3600 High-Performance Laser Radar Detector

Another one of the hidden radar detectors by the brand Whistler is the PRO-3600 model. This model can be installed in a few different ways and it comes with the console, which is very discreet and will not be seen once the product is installed, and the display. You will also get three aux ports which will allow you to add things such as rear laser and radar antenna, laser modules, GPS, etc for even more different functions. Those are not included in the price and can be purchased on their own. It also comes with a 360-degree detection range and a high-gain lens which offers more sensitivity.

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Because it is able to detect so many signals, some of them might even be false ones, which can be quite annoying. That is why there are three city modes which will reduce the number of false alerts and adjust to the type of road and area, you are driving through. You can select which bands you want and don’t want to detect, buy simply turning them on and off in the settings. The voice alerts will allow you to focus only on the road and still be informed about any possible detected threats. There are also two ways to mute the voice alerts which are the Mute and Auto Quiet modes.

The display on this radar detector can be installed in three different orientations and it will tell you about the kind of signal that way detected and its strength. The green is the three colored LED display. The intensity of brightness is one of the settings that can be adjusted when it comes to the screen. Another thing you can do with this model is to set the automatic shut down after some time of not using the device, which will then save your battery.

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The dimensions of this concealed radar detector are 3.2 x 0.9 x 0.6 inches and it also comes with a five-year warranty and 30-day money return if you are not satisfied with it. If you do decide to add the GPS function, you will have the compass feature, clock to know the exact time, a speed of your vehicle, red light, and speed camera locations, etc. With the device, you also get the instructions on how to use it as well as the instructions on how to install it.

Valentine One Concealed Display For Radar Detector

The next model we are going to talk about here is not a Whistler model, but rather a Valentine one. We chose it because it has great features for the price point. A great thing about it is that you can basically mount it anywhere you want since it uses self-stick interlocking fasteners. Or you could just attach it to the lighter adapter. That’s up to you and your personal preferences.

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Since the device is very small you don’t exactly get a display for the signals that are near you, but they are all listed on the device and they will start to flash when a signal or band is detected. This device will detect K, Ka and X band which is sometimes not enough since the police uses many more bands.

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You can also choose the mute and mode key on the upper left side of the device. The device is 1 inch long, 2.5 inches wide and 1.2 inches high which is very small and it will fit in any concealed place in your car. Moreover, it is very light, about 4 ounces so it will definitely stay put in any place you decide to stick to it. lastly , the only downside of this product is that you don’t get a warranty which can be tricky if something happens to the device and you are not able to repair it without great costs.

Hidden Radar Detector Parts And Accessories

No matter how much money you give for a radar detector there will always be some additional costs in the form of parts and accessories. A crucial accessory you need to have if you bought a concealed radar detector is the hidden radar detector mount which will help your device to stay put and hidden no matter where you place it. You can find all kinds of different hidden radar detector mounts online.

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Conclusion: The Final Verdict Of Hidden Radar Detectors

I’m sure that after reading this article you’re even more keen on buying a concealed radar detector for your car. You just need to choose the right model. If I may suggest, the Whistler PRO-3700 seems like a great option. It has a 5 year warranty and it will successfully minimize all the false alerts. If you want to learn more about radar detectors, check out my post about the best dash camera and radar detectors, or even the one about the best radar detectors under 100, 200 or 300 dollars.

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Best Concealed & Hidden Radar Detectors For Sale Reviews 2022? ›

Radar detectors can significantly improve any driver's experience while on the road. It doesn't only measure a car's speed and alert drivers when they drive above the speed limit, they can also warn of the driver about a nearby police presence.

What is the best radar detector on the market today? ›

The 9 Best Radar Detectors on the Market (2023)
Best OverallRunner-UpBronze Medal
Escort Redline 360cUniden R7Cobra DualPro 360
Shop NowShop NowShop Now
$749.95 @ Escort$440 @ Amazon$449.95 @ Cobra
2 more rows
Jan 28, 2023

Are radar detectors worth it 2022? ›

Radar detectors can significantly improve any driver's experience while on the road. It doesn't only measure a car's speed and alert drivers when they drive above the speed limit, they can also warn of the driver about a nearby police presence.

What is the number one radar detector? ›

The Uniden R7 gets our pick for the best radar detector overall, thanks to its customizable voice alerts and false alarm detection. It keeps you safer with advanced false alert filtering, 360-degree monitoring, and arrow detection.

What is the best built in radar detector? ›

Based on research and testing, we've rounded up the best radar detector options for your vehicle.
  • Best Radar Detector Overall: Uniden R7.
  • Best Budget Radar Detector: Cobra RAD 480i.
  • Best Radar Detector For $300: Uniden R3.
  • Best Premium Radar Detector: Escort MAX 360c MKII.
  • Best User-Friendly Radar Detector: Escort X80.
Apr 13, 2023

Which radar detector is undetectable? ›

The Genevo Pro M is a remote mount electronically undetectable radar/laser detector which can d...

What radar do most police use? ›

K-band is the most widely used band of radar, not only by the police but also by other sources. K-band is being emitted by automatic doors, security systems, and cars with collision avoidance and lane departure warning. The third band of police radar is called Ka-band.

Can cops avoid radar detectors? ›

Radar detectors can detect radar but not police vehicles. There's a good chance the police car wasn't radar-equipped (90 percent carry no radar). Or if it was, most officers shut off the radar while they're out of the car on a traffic stop or when using it in instant-on mode.

Do cops care about radar detectors? ›

Police officers are trained beforehand with various radar related devices. They know how radars and radar detectors work, and how to find illegal radar detectors in other people's vehicles. They are also given visual training so that they can calculate the speed of vehicles from just watching them.

How do cops beat radar detectors? ›

Because more drivers are using radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets, police officers are now using a laser device known as LIDAR that measures speed. LIDAR can determine if you are speeding without setting off your radar detector.

What to look for when buying a radar detector? ›

Highway and city modes (sensitivity and selectivity) Sensitivity is a measurement of how well a radar detector can pick up radar signals. The more sensitive the detector, the more likely it is to give you a timely warning. “Highway mode” is the default level of sensitivity for most radar detectors.

What is more accurate than radar? ›

While both LiDAR and Radar sensors have their pros and cons, LiDAR is a much more accurate technology. In principle, LiDAR is a much more accurate technology than radar. LiDAR can detect objects that are small and far away. It can also be used to map the terrain and detect objects in real-time.

Where is the best place to put a radar detector? ›

A radar detector is best mounted as high up in the vehicle as possible so that the detector has a good range of radar detection. The most common and the standard location for mounting the radar detector would be on the front windshield of the vehicle, near or around the center of the rearview mirror.

What is the most sophisticated radar system? ›

SPY-7 radar is the most advanced technology that will provide the capability to make warfighter decisions – accurately and quickly. SPY-7 has the ability to detect, track and engage sophisticated ballistic missile and advanced air threats. It engages multiple targets simultaneously with proven interceptors.

Which radar is best for collision avoidance? ›

Generally, due to operating frequency X band radar provides a clearer viewing screen and is used for target detection and collision avoidance. Whereas S-band radar gives better picture because it's radio waves can penetrate through fog particles and rain.

What radar is better for long range detection? ›

S-band radar offers a long-range view and helps engineers plan during difficult weather conditions. S-band radar systems possess a high amount of radiated power and are suitable for wide coverage over land and water.

What Cannot be detected by radar? ›

It's widely known that RADAR systems are not able to detect stationary objects, only moving ones. Actually, they are are to detect them but just not where they come from, so a barrier in the middle of the road and a traffic sign on the side of the street, they would look like the same to the RADAR system.

What happens if a cop sees your radar detector? ›

If you have mounted your radar detector on your windshield, a cop is virtually guaranteed to notice it. You'll be liable to get a fine if caught because of this.

Is there an app that can detect cops? ›

The Waze app is an excellent radar detection app that will allow you to always know what's happening on the road ahead of time. Not only does it work as a GPS, but it also will tell you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real time.

What does K mean on my radar detector? ›

K band radar are radar waves that fall between 18 GHz and 27 GHz, with most of the law enforcement radar guns operating at 24.125 GHz and 24.15 GHz. Police radar began detecting with K band a few decades after X band was introduced. The biggest problem with the K band is that it leads to a lot of false alerts given.

Can a stud finder jam police radar? ›

No, stud finders will not interfere with police radar for multiple reasons: The frequencies used by police radar and stud finders are drastically different. The power output of stud finders is significantly lower than that of police radar guns.

Why doesn't my radar detector go off when I pass a cop? ›

A radar detector is not a police car detector. It's a radar detector. If a police officer doesn't have a radar gun in their vehicle (and many don't) or if they simply aren't actually running radar and transmitting, there's nothing for your radar detector to detect and thus it will stay silent. This is very common.

Should I turn off K band on my radar detector? ›

Unless you live around a relatively wealthy area, and cops are only using Ka bands, you can keep K bands off. However, many places, even older police vehicles use K bands. There is a K band and Ka band filter, keeping K band on might help a little, if not, keep X and K band off.

Can police tell if you have a laser jammer? ›

A laser jammer is a device that returns a “no response” or a cosine error when a police LIDAR gun is used to target a vehicle. When the LIDAR gun shows this error, an officer won't know whether a vehicle is equipped with a laser jammer, or whether they simply didn't aim correctly at the vehicle.

How does police radar know which car is speeding? ›

Police radar transmits radio waves at a fixed frequency. Some of the beam reflects from a target vehicle and returns to the radar. If the target is moving, a slight change in frequency occurs (Doppler shift). The radar does the heavy math and calculates target speed.

What is the range of a radar detector? ›

Target size, shape, and reflectivity effect radar detection range. Detection range can be as low as 100 feet or less to over a mile. A radar may track a distant large vehicle instead of a closer small vehicle without any indication to the operator which vehicle the radar is tracking.

Does fog affect police radar? ›

Sometimes, signals emitted from street lights will read on the RADAR as well as heavy blowing rain. Fog or snow can interrupt an accurate reading using RADAR. Interestingly enough, when a cop points a RADAR gun down the street, the RADAR measures the speed of multiple cars.

How accurate are police radar detectors? ›

Under ideal conditions most police radars are accurate to about ±1 mph. Microwave moving mode radar also measures patrol vehicle speed to an accuracy of about ±1 mph.

Do cops use K band? ›

Police radar can operate on X band, K band, or Ka band. Ka band is currently the most widely used since the radar guns are smaller, and have narrower transmitter beamwidths, which allows for a narrower target focus.

Is there a radar detector app that really works? ›

Waze. The Waze app is an excellent radar detection app that will allow you to always know what's happening on the road ahead of time.

Are radar detectors worth it anymore? ›

In most cases, radar detectors are worth it. If you frequently drive through areas where police use radar guns to catch speeders, then you'll likely benefit from using a radar detector. Depending on where you live, a radar detector pays for itself if it prevents you from getting one or two tickets.

Which radar detector is better Cobra or Whistler? ›

Whistler radar detectors are better in all ways you'd care to measure than a Cobra of the same price range. Even the cheapest XTR series Whistlers perform as well or better than the highest performance Cobras, and the high performance Whistlers are even better than those.

Can cops tell if you are using a radar detector? ›

Even without an RDD, a well-trained police officer can tell if a certain driver is hiding a radar detector in their car. All they need to do is watch the way the vehicle is driven and how the driver reacts.

Can radar detect cops? ›

A. Radar detectors can detect radar but not police vehicles. There's a good chance the police car wasn't radar-equipped (90 percent carry no radar). Or if it was, most officers shut off the radar while they're out of the car on a traffic stop or when using it in instant-on mode.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive radar detectors? ›

What's the difference? The most basic ones will beep when they detect radar, but typically the range is poor and you'll get a ton of false alerts so I recommend avoiding the super cheap ones (under $150 or so). Better detectors offer longer range (important for tougher situations) and better false alert filtering.

What's an extremely good radar laser detector that's budget friendly? ›

Best Budget Radar Detectors Under $200 Ranked (2023)
Best OverallRunner-UpBest Budget
Cobra RAD 480iUniden DFR9Cobra RAD 380
Shop NowShop NowShop Now
$149.95 @ Cobra$199.99 @ Amazon$99.95 @ Cobra
2 more rows
May 29, 2023


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