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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Now Available

TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet for Windows PCs is now available. Our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet is a great tool for anyone who uses Excel on a Windows PC. This helpful cheat sheet lets you quickly find the keyboard shortcut for common tasks when using the PC version of Excel. The keyboard shortcuts are right at your fingertips with our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet!

Our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet is two pages long and filled with many helpful keyboard shortcuts for Excel tasks. Its available in both a printed and laminated format or in PDF format. The printed format’s high-quality lamination ensures both its long life and durability. Its lamination makes it resist accidental spills and clean-up easily! Alternatively, the PDF format provides quick access as a fast download.

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A picture of our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet.

TeachUcomp’s Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet groups its shortcuts into related categories. All groups and keyboard shortcuts are also alphabetized by task, so you can easily find the keyboard shortcut for the task to perform. The table below shows the keyboard shortcuts that appear on our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet. In the keyboard shortcuts, you press keys that are joined with a plus sign at the same time. If the keys are separated by commas, then you press and release the keys one at a time, in order. To learn more details about our keyboard shortcuts sticker or buy it, please visit our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet product page!

Common ShortcutsKeys
Close ExcelAlt+F4
Close workbookCtrl+W
Copy screen to clipboardPrtSc
Copy selectionCtrl+C
Copy window to clipboardAlt+PrtSc
Cut selectionCtrl+X
Delete columnAlt+H, D, C
Delete rowAlt+H, D, R
Delete worksheetAlt+H, D, S
Insert columnAlt+I+C
Insert rowAlt+I+R
Insert worksheetAlt+Shift+F1
Maximize/restore workbook windowCtrl+F10
Minimize workbook windowCtrl+F9
Open context menuShift+F10
Open workbookCtrl+O
Paste selectionCtrl+V
Redo/Repeat actionCtrl+Y
Save As dialog boxF12
Save workbookCtrl+S
Switch between open Excel windowsCtrl+F6
Toggle Full Screen modeCtrl+Shift+F1
Turn Key Tips On/OffAlt
Undo actionCtrl+Z
Data, Functions, and Formula Bar ShortcutsKeys
Calculate active worksheetShift+F9
Calculate all worksheets in open workbooksF9
Cancel an entry in cell or formula barEsc
Clear cell content (data and formulas)Delete
Clear content of active cellBackspace
Complete cell entry/move one cell downEnter
Complete cell entry/move one cell leftShift+Tab
Complete cell entry/move one cell rightTab
Complete cell entry/move one cell upShift+Enter
Copy formula from cell above active cellCtrl+’ (Apostrophe)
Copy value of cell above active cellCtrl+Shift+” (Straight quotation mark)
Create chart of data in current range in new sheetF11
Create embedded chart of data in current rangeAlt+F1
Create, run, edit, or delete macroAlt+F8
Cycle absolute and relative references in formulaF4
Define name to use in referencesAlt+M, M, D
Delete text to end of lineCtrl+Delete
Display Create Table dialog boxCtrl+T
Display Error Checking menu/messageAlt+Shift+F10
Display Quick Analysis for selected cellsCtrl+Q
Edit active cellF2
Enter current dateCtrl+; (Semicolon)
Enter current timeCtrl+Shift+: (Colon)
Expand or collapse formula barCtrl+Shift+U
Fill DownCtrl+D
Fill selected cell range with current entryCtrl+Enter
Flash FillCtrl+E
Insert AutoSum formulaAlt+= (Equalsign)
Insert functionShift+F3
Move cursor to end of text in formula barCtrl+End
Move one character up/down/left/rightArrow Keys
Move to beginning of lineHome
Move to first field in next record of data formEnter
Open Power Query EditorAlt+F12
Open Visual Basic for Applications EditorAlt+F11
Paste name from Paste Name dialog boxF3
Refresh external data in workbookCtrl+Alt+F5
Refresh external data in worksheetAlt+F5
Select in formula bar (cursor to end)Ctrl+Shift+End
Start new line in same cellAlt+Enter
Stop refreshing external dataEsc
Turn formula checking tooltips on/offCtrl+Alt+P
Formatting Cells ShortcutsKeys
Add bordersAlt+H, B
Add outline border to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+& (Ampersand)
Align BottomAlt+H, A, B
Align CenterAlt+H, A, C
Align LeftAlt+H, A, L
Align MiddleAlt+H, A, M
Align RightAlt+H, A, R
Align TopAlt+H, A, T
Apply Currency formatCtrl+Shift+$ (Dollar sign)
Apply Date formatCtrl+Shift+# (Number sign)
Apply General number formatCtrl+Shift+~ (Tilde sign)
Apply Number formatCtrl+Shift+! (Exclamation point)
Apply Percentage formatCtrl+Shift+% (Percent sign)
Apply Scientific number formatCtrl+Shift+^ (Caret sign)
Apply Time formatCtrl+Shift+@ (At sign)
Bold text or remove bold formattingCtrl+B
Choose fill colorAlt+H, H
Choose fontAlt+H, F, F
Choose font colorAlt+H, F, C
Choose font sizeAlt+H, F, S
Display or hide outline symbolsCtrl+8
Format fonts in Format Cells dialogCtrl+Shift+F
Hide selected columnsCtrl+0
Hide selected rowsCtrl+9
Insert a note or open and edit cell noteShift+F2
Insert or open threaded commentCtrl+Shift+F2
Italicize text or remove italic formattingCtrl+I
Open Delete dialog boxCtrl+- (Minus sign)
Open Format Cells dialog boxCtrl+1
Open Insert hyperlink dialog boxCtrl+K
Open Insert dialog boxCtrl+Shift++ (Plus sign)
Open Paste Special dialog boxCtrl+Alt+V
Open Style dialog boxAlt+’ (Apostrophe)
Open Workbook Statistics dialog boxCtrl+Shift+G
Remove outline borderCtrl+Shift+_ (Underscore)
Show/hide objectsCtrl+6
Strikethrough text or remove strikethroughCtrl+5
Switch cell values/formulas displayCtrl+` (Grave accent)
Underline text or remove underlineCtrl+U
Unhide columnsAlt+H, O, U, L
Unhide rowsCtrl+Shift+( (Left parenthesis)
Navigating ShortcutsKeys
Cycle through floating shapesCtrl+Alt+5, then press Tab key repeatedly
Exit floating shape navigationEsc
Move one cell downDown arrow key
Move one cell leftLeft arrow key or Shift+Tab
Move one cell rightRight arrow key or Tab key
Move one cell upUp arrow key
Move one screen down in worksheetPage down
Move one screen left in worksheetAlt+Page up
Move one screen right in worksheetAlt+Page down
Move one screen up in worksheetPage up
Move to beginning of rowHome
Move to beginning of worksheetCtrl+Home
Move to edge of data regionCtrl+Arrow keys
Move to last cell in worksheetCtrl+End
Move to next sheet in workbookCtrl+Page Down
Move to previous sheet in workbookCtrl+Page Up
Open cell data validation listAlt+Down arrow key
Scroll horizontallyCtrl+Shift, then scroll your mouse wheel up to go left, down to go right
Zoom inCtrl+Alt+= (Equalsign)
Zoom outCtrl+Alt+- (Minus sign)
Paste Special Dialog Box ShortcutsKeys
Open Paste Special dialog boxCtrl+Alt+V
Paste all cell contents and formattingA
Paste all cell contents using source themeH
Paste all cell contents without bordersX
Paste only column widthsW
Paste only comments and notes attached to cellC
Paste only copied formattingT
Paste only data validation settingsN
Paste only formulas and number formatsR
Paste only formulas as entered in formula barF
Paste only values (not formulas)V
Paste only values and number formatsU
Pivot Tables ShortcutsKeys
Create pivot tableAlt+N, V
Group pivot table itemsAlt+Shift+Right Arrow
Hide (filter out) pivot table itemCtrl+- (Minus sign)
Insert pivot chartAlt+N, S, Z, C
Select entire pivot tableCtrl+A
Ungroup pivot table itemsAlt+Shift+Left Arrow
Unhide (clear filter on) pivot table itemAlt+H, S, C
Power Pivot ShortcutsKeys
Close a dialog box or cancel a processEsc
Copy selected dataCtrl+C
Delete tableCtrl+D
Move tableCtrl+M
Move to first cell of selected columnCtrl+Up arrow key
Move to first cell of selected rowCtrl+Left arrow key
Move to first cell of selected tableCtrl+Home
Move to last cell of selected columnCtrl+Down arrow key
Move to last cell of selected rowCtrl+Right arrow key
Move to last cell of selected tableCtrl+End
Move to next tableCtrl+Page down
Move to previous tableCtrl+Page up
Open AutoFilter Menu dialog boxAlt+Down arrow key
Open context menu of cell/column/rowShift+F10
Open Go To dialog boxF5
Recalculate all formulas in Power Pivot windowF9
Redo last actionCtrl+Y
Rename tableCtrl+R
Save fileCtrl+S
Select current columnCtrl+Spacebar key
Select current rowShift+Spacebar key
Select entire tableCtrl+A
Undo last actionCtrl+Z
Ribbon ShortcutsKeys
Activate access keys of active tabAlt or F10
Activate selected buttonEnter
Expand or collapse the ribbonCtrl+F1
Move among items on the ribbonArrow keys
Move between ribbon commandsTab or Shift+Tab
Move to next command groupCtrl+Left or Right arrow key
Move to next command in menuDown arrow key
Move to Search field in the ribbonAlt+Q
Move to submenu of selected menu commandRight arrow key
Open a context menuShift+F10
Open list for selected commandDown arrow key
Open menu for selected buttonAlt+Down arrow key
Open the File menuAlt+F
Open the Formulas tabAlt+M
Open the Home tabAlt+H
Open the Insert tabAlt+N
Open the Page Layout tabAlt+P
Open the Data tabAlt+A
Open the Review tabAlt+R
Open the View tabAlt+W
Select first command of visible menuHome
Show tooltip for element in focusCtrl+Shift+F10
Selections ShortcutsKeys
Select active cell onlyShift+Backspace
Select all objects when one is selectedCtrl+Shift+Spacebar key
Select current and next sheetCtrl+Shift+Page Down
Select current and previous sheetCtrl+Shift+Page Up
Select current region around active cellCtrl+Shift+* (Asterisk sign)
Select entire columnCtrl+Spacebar key
Select entire rowShift+Spacebar key
Select entire worksheetCtrl+A
Turn extend mode on or offF8
Selections: Extending a Selection ShortcutsKeys
By one cellShift+Arrow keys
One screen downShift+Page down
One screen upShift+Page up
To beginning of rowShift+Home
To beginning of worksheetCtrl+Shift+Home
To last cell in column/rowCtrl+Shift+Arrow keys
To last used cellCtrl+Shift+End

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Like all our products, you can buy our Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet in different ways. You can purchase it directly from TeachUcomp, Inc at our web site. Alternatively, you can also buy it from Amazon. You can click the links below to buy from your preferred vendor.

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