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ADT is the gold standard in home security, but sometimes it can be tricky to change your alarm code. Luckily, it only takes a moment to do if you enter your master code and enter the reset mode from the menu. It is a quick and easy process, so follow along as we explore how you can change your ADT alarm code.

How To Change Your ADT Alarm Code (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (1)

ADT is a fantastic company that’s been around for over 140 years. They have the best home security monitoring available on the market and allow you to change and select different codes. But what happens if you need to change the code? Do you know how?

Press the * key, enter your 4 digit master code, and enter number 40. Now, enter the new master code for your ADT system and press * to confirm it. Enter your new ADT alarm code again to test and make sure that it is working.

This article will tell you how to change both your master code and your standard access code. It’s best if you reset both of these at the same time. Let’s get started, shall we?

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How To Change Your ADT Alarm Code (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (2)

ADT Alarm Codes

ADT security systems will use more than one kind of security or access code to allows users to control and operate the system. Your system will typically have a:

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  • Master access code
  • Standard or user access code
  • Duress code

Let us consider the function of each one.

Master Access Code

The master access code provides administrator-level access to the system. With this code, it is possible to activate or deactivate the system. It also allows you to edit, delete or add user or other access codes, or change the entire system’s settings. This code must remain secure, so ensure it is only shared with those who specifically need to access the system. Change it regularly, as required. Reasons to change the code include:

  • You want to remove access to the system from specific people.
    • These may include house, child, or pet sitters who no longer need to enter your home.
  • You’ve lost track of the people who have the code.
  • A home, child, or pet sitter no longer needs access to this code.

To change the access code, you need to know what it is. If you can’t remember or have lost it, ADT Customer Support will be able to assist in recovering it or providing a new one. For obvious security reasons, you will be asked to provide your personal data and system identification details to verify that you are the system owner and authorized to access it.

Change Master Code

  1. Enter your current master code. Start by pressing the star [*] key, followed by the number 5 on the keypad. Then enter your current master code. After this, the red ‘Armed’ light will come on, and the yellow system light will flash. If this doesn’t happen, start again as you may have entered the code incorrectly.
  2. Reset the master code. Press the number 40 on the keypad ( according to your system’s model) to reset the master code.
  3. Enter your new code. Enter a new four- or six-digit master code, depending on the system. After entering the new numbers, use the # key to confirm that you’ve completed the reprogramming.
  4. Test to make sure that it works. Carry out a test using the new master access code.

Changing User Codes

  1. Initiate the process. Using the keypad controls, start by pressing press the star key, followed by the number 5. This will initiate the reprogramming process.
  2. Enter in your master code. Key in your four- or six-digit master code number, according to your model.
  3. Select a new code and enter it into the system. Select the specific user access code you are changing by entering the relevant number between 01 and 32. Next, simply add a new four- or six-digit code. Press the # key to complete the process.
  4. Make sure that the new code works. Test the new user code to confirm that it activates or deactivates the system correctly.

ADT Pulse Portal Systems

Unless your system is one that updates itself automatically, once you have changed the Master Code on your ADT Pulse Portal, it will also need to be changed manually using the keypad on your control panel.

  1. Log into the portal. Log on to the Pulse Portal System at, using the username and password you created. Press the System tab on the Control Panel display on the screen.
  2. Change your master code through the portal. Click ‘Security Panel’ using your mouse, and select the Change Master Code option. Next, you will type the new code in the box that appears on a pop-up screen and press save.

Default Duress Codes

The Default Duress codes are typically the numbers 33 or 34, although some ADT models may use other duress codes – check your operator manual. You can press them in an emergency to activate the alarm immediately. As these codes are an integral part of the ADT system, you cannot change them. They are inactive when the system is in programming mode.

Erasing A Code

You can easily erase any code other than the Master Access Code. Press the star (*) key can be erased, followed by the number 5 and your master code.

Enter the user code identifier, which is a number between 01 and 32. Then press the star key to erase the code, followed by the # key to confirm the change. It’s important to realize that it’s not possible to erase a Master Access code in this way – it can only be reset.

Add A Secondary Code

If you provide a secondary code to others, it will mean that you won’t have to change your Master Access code so often. To help them memorize their code, allow your children or employees to choose their own unique 4-digit code.

To add it, type your Master Access code, followed by ‘803′, then the code you are adding. To add further secondary codes, use 804 in place of 803, then 805, 806, etc.

Remove A Secondary Code

Use the same procedure as above by typing in the Master Code’ 803′.Wait a few seconds until you hear a beep. If 03 is the user number and you want to remove user number 04, replace the 3 with a 4.

(Video) HOW-TO: Change user access code on your ADT command panel

Activating The Alarm System

If you haven’t been using your system for a while and want to arm it, there are various ways to do it.

  • The first option is to press the AWAY or STAY button on your keychain remote.
  • The second method is to press and hold the AWAY or STAY button on your keypad.
  • The third way is to type in the code and push AWAY or STAY afterward.

Deactivate The System

Simply press the OFF button on your keychain remote or use your keypad by typing in your code and pressing OFF on the keypad.

What If You Don’t Want The Motion Detection On?

To do this, activate the system in the STAY mode. This typically means that the system has armed just the doors and windows. If the motion detector is armed while in the STAY mode, you’ll need to bypass it.

What To Do If Your System Shows ‘FC’

If your ADT security system shows ‘FC,’ this indicates that it is not communicating correctly. ‘FC’ means: ‘Failed Communication.’ It is a fairly common issue with ADT security systems. Luckily, it’s a relatively minor issue that you can probably correct yourself, without the need to contact ADT support.

Start by entering your code, followed by ‘5’. You can reset the FC code by following these three easy steps.

  1. Press the reset button. Find and press the reset button on your ADT alarm keypad, holding it down for about two seconds.
  2. Use the alternate method if the reset button doesn’t work. Occasionally, you’ll find that the reset button does not work. In this case, press the star ‘*’ button, followed by ‘7’, and then by ‘2.’
  3. Restart the system. If Steps 1 and 2 have worked correctly, the alarm system will reset itself before closing down. Wait a few seconds, then restart.

If neither of these methods corrects the issue, contact your local ADT customer service representative for assistance. They’re the experts and will be happy to help you resolve any problems.

How Much Does It Cost To Install ADT In Your Home?

The cost of the ADT security system depends on precisely the type of equipment you purchase. However, the company has packages that start around $599, and this includes everything you need to detect an intruder. Or, you can choose high-tiered packages that include additional benefits and monitoring.

The per month cost of ADT runs anywhere from $45.99 per month to $57.99 per month. The installation cost comes in around $99, but this can be higher if you choose a package with more equipment. They require that you sign a 12-month contract, but the length of time depends on the equipment and package you choose.

Is ADT Worth The Price?

ADT is considered one of the best security systems for your home available on the market. ADT is better than many of their competitors due to their affordability and the coverage they provide with their security systems. They have been around for more than 140 years and have the best guarantees.

Some of the guarantees you can expect when choosing ADT are the $500 theft protection and the no-risk return that covered you for six months. You can’t find this deal anywhere else. The downside is that they have the highest start-up costs and monthly fees due to their fantastic reputation.

(Video) How to Set Alarm and Change Passcode On ADT Alarm Panel

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How To Change Your ADT Alarm Code (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (3)

Our Final Take

ADT has been around for over a century, making it the leading home security company. However, the best protection comes from your access codes. By taking the time to change your codes frequently, you decrease the risk of the code being in someone’s hands that it shouldn’t. And, not to mention, you increase the safety of your home.

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How To Change Your ADT Alarm Code (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home? ›

1. Enter the programming menu by pressing [9] + [master code]. 2. Press [8] until the touchpad displays "USER CODES," then press [#].

How do I change the code on my ADT alarm? ›

1. Enter the programming menu by pressing [9] + [master code]. 2. Press [8] until the touchpad displays "USER CODES," then press [#].

What is the default code for ADT home alarm? ›

Below you will find instructions for how to test if your Installer Code is valid. If you don't know what the Installer Code is set to you can start with the default Installer Code for this system which is also shown. From your keypad enter [Installer Code] + 800. 4112 is the default code.

How do I change my blue ADT alarm code? ›

Follow these steps to change your monitoring passcode:
  1. Login to your account at
  2. access settings and select Monitoring.
  3. Select Monitoring Passcode then enter a new monitoring passcode. You will have to enter your new monitoring passcode twice to confirm your change.
  4. Select Save.
Jan 6, 2020

How do I change my ADT settings? ›

Follow these steps: Log into the portal. Select Video from the left navigation. Select Settings from the available options.

What is master code for alarm system? ›

The Master Code is the primary code for the alarm system. In addition to arming and disarming the alarm system, the Master Code provides access to a user menu.

What are the most common house alarm codes? ›

Default alarm code examples
  • 0000.
  • 1234.
  • 4321.
  • 1122.

What are common home alarm codes? ›

A recent study of 3.4 million PIN codes found that 1234 is the most common PIN, occurring roughly 11% of the time. Put another way, 374,000 out of the 3.4 million alarm systems used by homeowners and business owners use the code 1234. We can assume that 1234 is chosen most often because it's easy to remember.

What is a user code for ADT blue? ›

Duress User is a code to disarm the system and notify the monitoring center. You may only have one duress code, which is shared by all, to trigger a duress alert to the monitoring center if professionally monitored. Useful knowledge: What is a User Code? It's your 4-digit PIN used to arm/disarm your system.

How do I reset my alarm code without the code? ›

You can reset your alarm system by powering it down and then powering it back on. This is what is known as a power reset. To power down the system, the backup battery must be disconnected, and the transformer must be unplugged. Then reconnect the battery and transformer to power it back on.

How do I edit my alarms? ›

You can make and change alarms in the Clock app.
  1. Open your phone's Clock app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Alarm.
  3. On the alarm you want, tap the Down arrow . Name: To name the alarm, tap Add label. Repetition: To make the alarm repeat, tap the days of the week. Vibration: To turn alarm vibrations off or on, tap Vibrate.

How do you reset a security alarm without the code? ›

How to Reset the Burglar Alarm with a Lost Code?
  1. You must look for the main access panel of your burglar alarm system.
  2. Shut off the current that sends power to the alarm.
  3. Unplug the device.
  4. Use a console access key to open the system's backing.
  5. Disconnect the wire that leads to the backup battery.
Oct 20, 2021

What does ADT code 103 mean? ›

The message "103 check lngrng radio" on your ADT System means that there is a problem with the system's backup communicator. The message will appear on an Alphanumeric Keypad for an ADT Safewatch Pro 2000 System or an ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 System that is experiencing communication issues.

How do I change my ADT code on Safewatch Pro 3000? ›

To add a user code, enter your [Master/Partition Programmer code] + [8] + [user #] + [new user's code]. To delete a user code, enter your [Master/Part. Prog code] + [8] + [user number] + [#] + [0].

How do I disarm my ADT alarm without the code? ›

Stopping The Alarm Using The ADT Key Fob

If you possess an ADT system but have lost or forgotten your user code, the key fob will disarm the system for you. If you have your keychain with you, you may disarm the system by pressing the “disarm” button, which is represented by a shield image with a diagonal slash.

What is master code and user code? ›

What is the Difference Between a Master Code and a Normal User Code? The difference between a master code and a normal user code is that a master code can change itself and also add, edit, or delete normal user codes.

What is the difference between user code and master code? ›

CAUTION: A User Code is used to unlock the door while a Mastercode is a password for making changes to the lock features.

What is the master code for keypad access control? ›

The master code is used to enter programming mode. It can also be used to release the door lock (before other user codes have been entered). The master code must be entered before user codes can be added. The default master code is 0000.

What are some good security codes? ›

“Statistically, 8068 is the safest PIN,” says Tyler Moffitt, senior threat research analyst at Webroot. “Other good numbers are 7637, 6835, and 9629. But that's mainly because they follow no pattern, isn't a date, or repetition of numbers, or the column of the keypad (2580).”

What is a tamper code for house alarm? ›

If your system is giving you a tamper error under normal conditions you may have improperly covered sensors. You also may not have properly closed your security box. There may be loose or damaged detector casings, a dying battery, or a case of severe weather has tripped the alarm.

What is the installer code? ›

The Installer Code (also called Program Code or Dealer Code depending on brand) is a special code used to access system configuration settings so a user can add sensors/zones, change delay times, modify central station telephone numbers and account numbers.

How often should alarm codes be changed? ›

Codes should be changed during the course of the year, but not so much that you forget the code. For instance, changing the code every week or month is a bit excessive. Instead, chance the code during daylight savings or on the first day of every quarter.

How many alarms do you need for a 3 bedroom house? ›

As a result, the NFPA recommends having at least one smoke alarm on every level of the home — including basements — as well as in every bedroom, and outside of each sleeping area. Larger homes may need extra detectors. "It is best to use interconnected smoke alarms.

What are common 6 digit security codes? ›

Six-digit PINs of the following kinds: 123456, 654321, 111111, 000000, 123123, 666666, 121212, 112233, 789456, 159753.

What is code 7 on ADT? ›

7 Program – indicates that the system is in Installer's Programming, or the keypad is busy. 8 Away – Indicates that the panel is armed in the Away Mode. It will turn on at the beginning of the Exit Delay. 9 Fire – Indicates that there are fire alarms in memory.

What is ADT security code 14? ›

14. READY INDICATOR: (GREEN) Lit when the system is ready to be armed (no faults present). While the system is disarmed, this indicator will go on and off as protection zones are closed and opened. Note: On some keypads there is, instead, a POWER INDICATOR (GREEN) which is lit when AC power is present.

What is the code 12 on ADT alarm system? ›

12. # KEY: Permits ARMING of the system without use of a security code ("Quick Arm", if programmed).

What is an alarm user code? ›'s user codes are the cure. User codes are simple four or six-digit codes that open your smart lock and disarm your smart security system. They make access easy, keep your home more secure, and protect your peace of mind by keeping you in the know.

How many digits is an alarm code? ›

1234 is the most frequently used four-digit code, but other sequential number codes are popular choices as well.

Can you customize your alarm? ›

You can set general alarms, play your favorite music, or choose a character as an alarm with just your voice.

Why is the snooze 9 minutes? ›

“That was the mechanical limits of a mechanical clock.” Clockmakers had to decide if the snooze would be a little longer than ten minutes or a little less. Fearing more than ten minutes would allow the clock owner to slip back into a deep sleep (and risk being late), they picked nine minutes.

What is an ADT password? ›

An ADT Verbal Security Password will be requested by one of our Emergency Dispatch Operators to confirm your identity when an Alarm Event is triggered by your Home Monitoring System, or call 1-800-ADT-ASAP, to make changes to your account.

How do I reset my ADT password without security questions? ›

Open the ADT Pulse App and select I Forgot My Password. Verify the email address is correct, select Reset Password, then sign into your email account. Open the email and select the link to Reset Your ADT Pulse Password. Enter your username and select Continue.

What is an alarm password? ›

Security alarm passcodes arm and disarm your security system; they are required to stop a system alert; many systems require a passcode to disarm the system and inform the monitoring company of a false alarm; and you need them to perform routine maintenance on your security system.


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