[Updated] How to Fix a Blurry Video in 5 Ways 2023 (2023)

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  • Why are my videos blurry?
    • Reasons for video blurs while watching offline
    • Reasons for video blurs while streaming online
    • Why is my YouTube video blurry?
  • How to fix a blurry video?
    • DVDFab Video Enhancer AI
    • Movavi Video Suite
    • AVS Video Editor
    • VideoProc
    • Blurry Video Clearer
  • Conclusion

Are you racking your brains to fix blurry videos? How to fix a blurry video free and easily?For a video buff aspiring to a better view, you might be frequently asked about the following questions related to how to unblur a video.
Why is my YouTube video blurry?
Why is my video blurry when I upload it to Facebook?
Why are my videos blurry?

A blurry video can cause a miss of important details and spoil the fun. Imagine how frustrated it will be when you thought you have captured the most amazing video, yet it turns out to be blurry. In this post, all these problems will be resolved with a breeze. Just move on to check thetop 5programs focusingonhow to unblur a video.

Why are my videos blurry?

You may have been haunted by thequestionwhy are my videos blurryfor a long and have been exausted to try to fix the problem referring to how to unblur a video. In fact, a video can get blurry due to various reasons. Here we categorized those reasons into two distinct types of use cases based on how the person is interacting with the multimedia file, maybe helpful when you are trying to find the answer regarding to why my youtube video blurry.

Reasons for video blurs while watching offline

While you are watching a video offline, there are numerous things that can cause blurry videos and destroy your entertainment.

Codec Support:Once a video is compressed into a format video file, it gets a codec. When a blurry video issue appears even if the video format is compatible with the media player, it is, most of the time, due to the absence of supported codecs.

Software Compatibility:Software compatibility is another factor here. Chances are that you have noticed your video in poor detail. That's high because the version of your media player is not compatible with the compress scheme of the video. Therefore, a video file should be compatible with a specific format. Out of this reason, media players are required to update to ensure videos are not blurred or corrupted.

Limited hard drive space:Another answer to the question of why are my videos blurry is a limited hard drive space. Due to excess overload on the hard drive, the video might be blurry even though the media player application is advanced and supports the required codecs.

File integrity:It is necessary to knowthat videos require to be digitized properly in addition to having the right codec support, proper software or enough disk space. Improper digitization can cause blurriness in your videos.

Reasons for video blurs while streaming online

Unstable Internet Connection:Inconsistency Internet connection is a vital factor for videos to get blurry whether it is basic web browsing or watching videos online.

Set low video quality:Many social platforms, including YouTube, offer videos at different resolutions. When the Internet speed falls, the web media player will play video in a lower resolution instead of stopping.

Video Content has not processed:On YouTube, whenever a video is uploaded, it normally takes about 30 minutes to settle the upload. On YouTube, every second 300 hours of multimedia content is uploaded - fun fact.

Why is my YouTube video blurry?

After reading the above-mentioned factors for video getting blurry, you might have already known that if YouTube or other online videos are blurry, its probably due to a poor Internet connection. And if your YouTube video is blurry, you can reduce video quality through quality settings, 720p, 480p, or 360p when you have a poor Internet connection.

Up to now, we have learned so much about videos get blurry, then let’s see the most important part of how to make video quality better by fixing blurry videos.

How to fix a blurry video?

In this part, we will discuss top 5 solutions to fix blurry videos in detail. On top of that, there is a professional AI-based video blurry clearer worth your special concern. Meanwhile, there are other tradtitional tools dedicated to fixing blurry videos.

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

As a well-received AI-based video enhancer, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is designed to upscale low-res videos to 4K and enhance old videos to better quality. Meanwhile, all video blur and video noise will be removed automatically and intelligently based on AI technologies. Actions speaker louder than words. Take a close look at the following tips.

How to fix a blurry video with Video Enhancer AI

Step 1: Launch Video Enhancer AI and load video source

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Free download and install the program fromofficial site. Click the Add Videos button and loadthe video file you want to fix blur. Or simplydrag & drop the video source onto the main UI.

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Note thatfree download allows you to fix blurry videos up to 5. If you anticipate a blurry video clearer for a regular use, you might as well subscribe to this video enhancement tool.

Step 2: Customize output video
Video Enhancer AI is noted for its automatic video enhancement via upscaling video resolution, fixing blurry videos, removing video noise, and enlarging video by 200% without losing quality. Besides,video color, brightness, and saturationwill be enhanced as well. Choose your desired AI Models (for Movie, Home, or Web video), Output Format (MP4.H264, MP4.265, MKV.264, MKV.265), Resolution (Same as Source, 200%, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p), and Bitrate (Same as Source, Standard Quality, High Quality).

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Warm tips: Click the Preview AI buttonto check whetheryour CPU or GPU is capableof upscaling video with AI.

Step 3: Start tofixblurry videos
With advanced hardware acceleration technologies, the whole process of fixing blurryvideoswill be shortened substantially. But the final processing time depends on your PC’ssystem configuration, video size, and output video resolution.

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Within 3 simple clicks,the imported low-res or blurryvideoswill be turned intohigher resolutionand qualitythan original ones.You can enjoy the final outputwith a clearer and sharper video image.Note that if you want to upscale DVD to Blu-rayfor better play, an otherAI upscalingsolution, DVDFab Enlarger AI will help you out. Then how to make a blurry video clear? Read on to get your desired results since this blurry video clearer can help to getai upscaling videofrom 480p to 1080p, or from 1080p to 4K.

Movavi Video Suite

How to fix a blurry video? Try the Movavi Video Suite, especially when you want to produce a simple yet good-lookinghome video. Movavi Video Suite doesn’t have sophisticated features, but it is very easy to use with a clear interface and easily navigable layout, so it is a perfect choice for beginners.

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How to make a video clearer with it?

Below are the steps of how to fix a blurry video with this video quality enhancer.

Step 1: Lauch the program
To know how to unblur a video, the first thing to do is lauching the video quality enhancer program. In the full feature mode, please depress the Add Media Files button to select the video you want to fix.
Step 2: Select the Sharpen Filter
This is a crucial step of how to fix a blurry video. Open the filters tab. Then, drag your video that you want to unblur into the working space. Click on the Start button to get your video cleared up.

AVS Video Editor

The Sharpen Effect in AVS Video Editor can also be used to make blurry videos clearer by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels. As a vide editor, it offers the most basic effects of video editing, such as trimming, cropping, speed adjustment, split or merger, etc. The biggest drawback of AVS Video Editor is it doesn’t offer a free trial, so you have to pay before knowing well and it is not easy to follow for the beginners.

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How to fix a blurry video with AVS Video Editor

Step 1: Click on File and add a blurry video you want to fix. Once your video is added, please click on the Video Effecttab to choose the Effect group.
Step 2: Locate the Sharpen effect. Then right-click on the Sharpen tab, as a result, an option "Add or Replace video Effect" will show up. Select it to add your video onto the timeline.
Step 3: Set the duration to make the blurry video clearer, after which, you can Open the Video Effects window and select the Sharpen effect to unblur your video.
Step 4: Don’t forget to save the edited video file on one of the supported formats.


VideoProc offers many features to let you know how to fix a blurry video. You can fix blurry videos through numerousfilters and contrast/brightness values, stabilize video by set shakiness, accuracy, step size, and minimum contrastto make video clearer. Moreover, it can increase video resolution to slightly improve video quality. All mainstream video encoding methods available for maintaining the highest possible quality.

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How to fix a blurry video with VideoProc

Speaking of how to fix a blurry video, here are only a few steps you need to follow.
Step 1: Like always, to fix a blurry video, you need to download this video enhancer on your computer first.
Step 2: Go and click on the Video button to enter the VideoProc-Video editor center which is followed by clicking on the +Videobutton to load your blurry video.
Step 3: Choose Effectand then opt for the Sharpenfilter. Next, adjust the video's contrast and brightness values.
Step 4: Don't forget to pick up a format to ensure high quality. Then hit the RUNbutton to start cleaning up your blurry video.

Blurry Video Clearer

Are you looking for a free video enhancer program to fix blurry videos? If so, Blurry Video Clearer can be on your list. Blurry Video Clearer Free makes blurry videos muchclearer. It is designedas a lightweight applicationwith video compositing and some special effects. How to make a video quality betterwith it? Well, Blurry Video Clearer can make video pixels better so that video quality is much better and it can also be used to reduce image distortion generated by recording.

How to fix a blurry video with it?

Step 1: Open this video quality enhancer application as soon as you have installed it on your computer. And then, move the mouse cursor to click the File button just to load the video file you want to fix.
Step 2: Once your blurry video is uploaded, some clearness options will present in front of you. You can make the blurry video clearer by adjusting those values, such as brightness, chroma.
Step 3: Press on the Clear Video tab to finish the last step of how to unblur a video.


This article has introduced best five video enhancer programs and further discussedhow to fix a blurry videoeasily. Among all the given options, DVDFab Video EnhancerAI is strongly recommended. Because it is a professional AIvideo upscaling programthat can automatically make blurry videos clearer.Are you seeking how to fix blurry videos on Facebook or fix YouTube video blurry problem? Act now to have a try!

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