What speed will get a speeding ticket, fine and points UK? (2023)

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Have you been flashed by a speed camera in London or other towns and cities in the UK, and left with these questions: 'will I get a speeding ticket', 'how long does it take for a speeding ticket to arrive', 'what is the fine for speeding' and 'how many points on my licence will I get'? With reports of a huge increase in such offences during periods of quieter roads throughout the pandemic, we look at what happens after the speed camera flashes - and how likely you are to get prosecuted, receive penalty points on your licence or even a ban.

If you're a repeat offender when it comes to speeding offences, you'll know how the system works, but this guide is intended to help those who have been caught speeding for the first time prepare for what happens next - from notice of prosecution to points or even disqualification. What speed will get a speeding ticket, fine and points UK? (1)Find out what happens after you think you've been caught by a speed camera

How much over the speed limit will get a speeding ticket?

Despite rumours that travelling just 1mph over the limit will trigger certain safety cameras, research from Auto Express published in 2019 revealed the tolerances of devices across the UK. The following shows magazine's research, revealing how cops across the UK set their speed cameras.

Police force Number of cameras Camera activation threshold
Avon and Somerset 41 10% + 2mph
Bedfordshire 38 Would not reveal threshold
Cambridgeshire 32 Would not reveal threshold
Cheshire 15 10% + 2mph
Cleveland 4 10% + 2mph
Derbyshire 18 10% + 2mph
Devon and Cornwall 98 10% + 2mph
Durham 0 fixed 10% + 2mph
Essex 63 Don't use a standard threshold
Greater Manchester 235 Would not reveal threshold
Gwent 21 10% + 2mph
Hampshire 36 10% + 2mph
Hertfordshire 53 Would not reveal threshold
Kent 109 10% + 2mph
Lancashire 34 10% + 3mph
Leicestershire 30 10% + 2mph
Merseyside 18 10% + 2mph
Metropolitan Police/TfL 805 10% + 3mph
Norfolk 26 10% + 2mph
North Wales 28 10% + 2mph
Northumbria 55 10% + 2mph
Nottinghamshire 48

Refused to confirm if threshold exists

Police Service of Northern Ireland 12 10% + 2mph
Scotland 173

Refused to confirm if threshold exists

South Wales 137 10% + 2mph
South Yorkshire 25 10% + 2mph
Staffordshire 286 Would not reveal threshold
Suffolk 4 10% + 2mph
Thames Valley 294 10% + 2mph
Warwickshire 28 10% + 2mph
West Mercia 23 10% + 2mph
West Midlands 33 Would not reveal threshold
West Yorkshire 402 10% + 2mph

Will I always get a speeding ticket after being flashed by a camera?

Was the speed camera working, or were you even speeding? These questions can cause anxiety as drivers wait to find out if they were speeding. Fortunately, there are rules to ensure drivers are not left waiting for extended periods to find out if they're facing a fine, points, or even being banned from the roads.

Will I always get a ticket if a camera flashes on a motorway like the M25?

With many motorways such as the M25 using more cameras, it is a common sight to see flashes as car pass - but will they always result in a ticket? Again, there is not definitive answer here, but the speed tolerances, revealed above, can be taken into account, or a speed awareness course could be offered instead of a fine and penalty points.

New cameras are digital now, so the old hope of camera's running out of film does not apply any more as the capacity for capturing speeding drivers is not virtually limitless.

The only way you can really know if you will get a speeding ticked is to wait and see if the notification arrives within 14 days

How long does it take to get a speeding ticket?

The police have 14 days to issue the registered keeper of the vehicle with a notice of intended prosecution (NIP). If this doesn’t arrive within this period, it’s likely there will be no ticket. However, motorists should get legal advice if a notice arrives after the 14 day period. Simply ignoring it could result in prosecution and further speed camera penalty points.

(Video) Does the UK Have it Easy with Speeding Fines?

What must I do after getting a 'speeding ticket'?

Along with the NIP, you will also be sent a Section 172 notice within 14 days of the alleged offence. This is a form asking you to confirm who was driving the vehicle at the time of the claimed infringement.

You must comply with the request to identify the driver of the car involved within 28 days. Failure to do so could see your licence endorsed with six penalty points and a £1,000 fine. Giving false information could lead to imprisonment as several high-profile offenders have found out.

How long will it take for the final ticket to arrive?

Once the NIP has been received and complied with - providing it was received within the 14-day-period - the case must move forward within six months. If this does not happen, the recipient should ask for the case to be withdrawn. Get legal advice if this is not agreed - and remember to keep a log of all dates involved.

What is the speeding ticket 14 day rule 2022 UK?

The 14 day limit is the amount of time Police have to process and send out the original Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP). It should arrive at the address of the accused within 14 days, but failure for it to do so does not automatically mean the case is cancelled.

All the police have to do is prove that in normal circumstances, the NIP would have arrived at the recorded address of the registered keeper within 14 days.

However, if the date stamped on the NIP issued to you is beyond the 14 days, then the 14-day rule can be used to reject the ticket for being issued too late. Do not just ignore it, but appeal the ticket for the reason it is void.

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What happens next?

After you return the Section 172, you’ll be sent either a:

  • Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)
  • Letter telling you to go to court

How much is a speeding fine and how many penalty points will I get?

New speed camera fines came into force on April 24, 2017. Your fine will be calculated based on your weekly earnings. The following table will help you work out how much this could be - and how many penalty points you could receive.

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How much will a speeding fine be?

Legal speed limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph) Recorded speed (mph) Recorded speed (mph)
Band A Band B Band C
20 21-30 31-40 41 and above
30 31-40 41-50 51 and above
40 41-55 56-65 66 and above
50 51-65 66-75 76 and above
60 61-80 81-90 91 and above
70 71-90 91-100 101 and above
Points/ disqualification 3 points Disqualify 7-28 days OR 4-6 points Disqualify 7-56 days OR 6 points
Fine 50% of weekly income* 100% of weekly income* 150% of weekly income*

Depending on where you were caught speeding and how much you were exceeding the limit, you’ll be placed into one of the above bands.

Pensioners, the rich and non-working partners of the wealthy won't get away with paying more either. Take a look at the guidelinesfrom the Sentencing Council for more details of how much you could be fined.

*This is what you can expect to pay but magistrates can fine within a range of 25% on either side of the figure, meaning some high-end offenders could face a fine of 175% weekly income.

This fine is capped at £1,000, rising to £2,500 if speeding on a motorway.

Areas where most speeding tickets are issued

This data was recorded from January 2021 to January 2023. The data was obtained from Freedom of Interest requests sent to UK police forces - of which 23 out of 44 responded. As a result, the data here does not provide a complete representation of English roads.

  1. West Yorkshire – 224,160
  2. Avon and Somerset – 173,428
  3. Thames Valley – 151,501
  4. West Midlands – 95,093
  5. Surrey – 87,270
  6. Bedfordshire – 69,818
  7. South Yorkshire – 67,255
  8. Hampshire – 62,514
  9. Lincolnshire – 59,525
  10. Hertfordshire – 53,627

Can I check if I have been caught by a speed camera in the UK

There is no database is available to check if you've been caught speeding in the UK, so this is not possible. Instead, you will have to wait to see if a penalty notice is issued to your vehicle's registered address within a 14-day period.

Can I check if I have been given a speeding ticket in Spain or other EU countries?

Like the UK, there is no public-searchable database to reveal if you have been caught speeding in countries such as Spain, France or other EU countries.


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(Video) What happens when you ignore a Speeding Ticket? UK

Speeding fine calculator UK

Scroll down below this screen grab to fined out how you can use the speeding fine calculator for the UK.

What speed will get a speeding ticket, fine and points UK? (2)

The Sentencing Council has created a speeding fine calculator to help you find out how much you are likely to be fined if you're issued with a speeding ticket. Check out your speeding fine here.

How long are penalty points valid?

Speed camera penalty points are valid on your licence for three years from the date of the offence, or from the date of conviction if given in court. It will take four years to have the offence completely wiped from your record.

New drivers and penalty points

If you’re still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

Top 10 sections of roads where drivers are caught speeding in England

1.A40 between Long Drive and Wellands Gardens E/B:49,050 intended prosecutions by Metropolitan Police

2. M25 Junction 7-16, Surrey:23,134 intended prosecutions by Surrey Police

3. M4 Junction 20-19, Bristol:18,317 intended prosecutions by Avon & Somerset Police

(Video) My First Ireland Speeding Fine🙆🚗🚔

4. A5460 Narborough Road, Leicester, Jnc with Fullhurst Avenue:16,634intended prosecutions by Leicestershire Police

5. M6 Junction 1-4 (Northbound and Southbound):15,410intended prosecutions by Warwickshire Police

6. Garston Way/ Dock Road, Liverpool:15,295intended prosecutions by Merseyside Police

7. M5 Junction 4a-6, Birmingham:15,062 intended prosecutions by West Mercia Police

8. A282 Dartford Tunnel Approach Road:14,423 intended prosecutions by Kent Police

9. Lewes Road, Brighton, Jnc with Coldean Lane:14,172intended prosecutions by Sussex Police

10. M6 Junction 7 & 8 N/B, Birmingham:12,762intended prosecutions by West Midlands Police

Source: Confused.com and its FOI request to UK police forces how many speed camera offences occurred in financial year 2021/22. The FOI requests received data from 36 out of 46 UK forces.

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At what speed do you get a speeding ticket UK? ›

By law, anything over the official speed limit is liable for a speeding ticket. However, the police usually offer a buffer of 10% plus 2 mph above the speed limit, though this is entirely at their discretion. Breaking the speed limit to a truly excessive degree may lead directly to a court summons and prosecution.

How much over the speed limit can you get a ticket UK? ›

The 10% rule

On paper, as soon as you go over the speed limit, you're committing a driving offence. In reality, however, there can be some leeway. That's because the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) urges police officers to use their discretion when dealing with drivers who break the speed limit.

At what speed do you get 6 points? ›

Exceeding a speed limit by more than 20mph in a 20mph or 30mph zone means you'll get a fairly serious fine known as a Band C fine – six penalty points and a fine of 125-175% of your weekly income. You can also be disqualified for between seven and 56 days.

What speed can you get away with in a 70? ›

Min speed for prosecution

This means that most police forces will not issue a Fixed Penalty Notice until you're driving at more than 46mph in a 40mph zone or 79mph in a 70mph zone, for example,.

Is there a 10% tolerance on speeding in UK? ›

UK fixed and mobile speed camera tolerances

Most police forces have a tolerance of 10% plus 2 mph above the limit before a speed camera 'flashes'. So on a 30 mph road, a camera wouldn't normally activate unless a car drove past at 35 mph or faster. On a 70 mph stretch of motorway, the threshold would go up to 79 mph.

Can you go 10 over the speed limit UK? ›

Drivers caught speeding at up to 10 mph over the speed limit will be classed as Band A. Band B offences are those where drives are at speeds of 11-21 mph over the limit. Band C is the most serious category of offence and applies to drivers exceeding the speed limit by more than 21 mph.

Is 70mph the speed limit in the UK? ›

The highest speed limit in the UK is 70mph, this applies to cars, motorcycles, car-derived vans and dual-purpose vehicles on motorways and dual carriageways. The same vehicles can drive at a maximum speed of 60mph on single carriageways.

How much over 50 mph is allowed UK? ›

NPCC guidelines for speed limit enforcement
LimitFixed penalty when course not appropriate:Summons in all other cases above:
2 more rows
Apr 25, 2017

How do I get out of a speeding ticket UK? ›

There are certain defences which could get you out of paying a speeding ticket which are:
  1. Details on the Notice of Intended Prosecution are incorrect.
  2. You weren't driving when the fine was issued.
  3. There were no speed limit signs.
  4. The speed camera was incorrectly calibrated (this is very hard to prove)

Do you get points every time you speed? ›

The number of points you'll receive for speeding depends on the level of your indiscretion, but you can expect to find three points on your licence as a minimum if caught. This, however, can be raised up to six points and can even result in a driving disqualification if your speed was particularly dangerous.

How do I remove points from my license UK? ›

There is no way to remove the points from your licence once they're marked – you'll just have to wait until the points expire (after 4 years), when the DVLA will automatically remove them at the appropriate time.

How long do 3 points stay on your license UK? ›

4 years from the date of offence.

Where in the US is the speed limit 75 mph? ›

Unusual for any state east of the Mississippi River, much of Interstate 95 (I-95) in Maine north of Bangor allows up to 75 mph (121 km/h), and the same is true for up to 600 mi (966 km) of freeways in Michigan.

How many feet to stop 70 mph? ›

Time to Stop Your Car
SpeedPerception/Reaction DistanceOveral Stopping Distance
40 mph59 feet139 feet
50 mph73 feet198 feet
60 mph88 feet268 feet
70 mph103 feet348 feet
2 more rows

How many feet does it take to stop at 70 mph? ›

315 feet

What is the 10% 2 rule? ›

The 'rule' itself is quite straightforward: if the speed limit is (for example) 30mph, the rule states that you won't get a speeding ticket unless you are going 10% plus 2 mph faster than the limit.

What is excessive speeding UK? ›

Serious Speeding Offences - Normally defined as 20 mph or more over the speed limit. Usually leads to a Court summons & prosecution. Penalties in the range of 3 - 6 points or a discretionary disqualification of between 7-56 days and up to £1000 fine (up to £2500 for speeding on a motorway).

What are the tougher speeding rules UK? ›

The UK's general speed camera tolerance is now ten per cent of the speed limit + 2mph, a reduction of 1mph from the previous + 3mph many counties including London used to impose.

How accurate is car speedometer UK? ›

The UK law is based on the EU standard, with some minor changes. A speedo must never show less than the actual speed, and must never show more than 110% of actual speed + 6.25mph. So if your true speed is 40mph, your speedo could legally be reading up to 50.25mph but never less than 40mph.

What is the penalty for 40 mph in a 30mph zone UK? ›

A Band A speeding fine would be appropriate if you were caught speeding between 31-40 mph in a 30-mph zone. Providing you accept responsibility for speeding, you will be required to pay a minimum £100 fine and receive three points on your licence.

How many points do you need to suspend your license UK? ›

You can be banned from driving if you already have 12 or more penalty points on your licence. Your ban can last: 6 months, if you get 12 or more penalty points within 3 years. 12 months, if you get a second disqualification within 3 years.

Can you go 80 on the motorway UK? ›

Physically you can, legally you can't. The maximum speed limit on UK motorways is 70 mph however these days there are so many roadworks etc that you will more often than not find temporary limits displayed which are much lower often 50 mph or even 40 mph.

What is the highest speed recorded on UK roads? ›

The highest recorded speed on a UK road is believed to be 201mph, although the case has yet to be head in court. The existing highest recorded speed is 192mph.

What road in the UK has no speed limit? ›

The Isle of Man

The island's lack of a national speed limit means that the rural roads are full of thrills.

Can you drive 100mph in UK? ›

Driving at 100mph on public roads in the UK is classified as a Band C speeding offence – the highest category. So, drivers caught at this speed will receive a summons to a magistrates' court rather than a fixed penalty notice.

Is 100mph a ban in UK? ›

Unfortunately the answer is usually yes. According to the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines, a person travelling in excess of 100mph is automatically at risk of a driving ban. You will also be sent to court for the magistrates to decide how long to ban you for.

Are UK speed limits in miles? ›

Speed limits throughout most of the world are set in kilometres per hour (km/h). The UK remains the only country in Europe, and the Commonwealth, that still defines speed limits in miles per hour (mph).

Do police always pull you over for speeding UK? ›

If you've been caught speeding with a hand-held device, or one installed in a moving police car, you could be asked to stop there and then. In this case, the police have two options: they can either give you a verbal warning and send you on your way, or they can issue you with a fixed penalty notice (FPN).

Can a speeding ticket be dismissed UK? ›

You have the right to challenge a speeding fine in the UK.

One common reason is that you weren't driving when the fixed penalty notice was issued.

Does a speed camera flash always mean a ticket UK? ›

If you have passed a speed camera and were exceeding the speed limit, it may or may not have flashed. The only way you will know for certain that you have been caught is when the registered keeper of the vehicle receives a Note of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

How far can a speed van catch you UK? ›

Mobile speed camera FAQs

On a straight section of road the typical range for a mobile speed camera is one mile. Can you get caught behind another car? As long as the speed camera operator can see and target your vehicle they will be able to get a reading of your speed.

How much is a speed awareness course UK? ›

A speed awareness course isn't much cheaper than a speeding fine, with the typical cost being about £85. But opting to take the course over receiving penalty points could save you money in the long run, as car insurance premiums can jump significantly if you're given points.

How long do speeding points stay on license UK? ›

The courts can fine you and 'endorse' your driving record with penalty points if you're convicted of a motoring offence. Endorsements must stay on your driving record for 4 or 11 years, depending on the offence. The endorsement and penalty points are put on your driver record.

What happens if you get 6 points UK? ›

However, your licence will be cancelled if you get any further penalty points that take you up to a total of 6 or more within 2 years of passing your driving test.

What does 6 points on your license mean in UK? ›

If you get six or more penalty points within 2 years of passing your test, you can have your licence revoked. This means you'll have to get another provisional licence and take new theory and practical tests before driving again.

How much does your insurance go up with 3 points UK? ›

If you have three points on your licence for an offence like speeding or not complying with traffic lights, your car insurance could increase by 5%. If you have more than 12 points on your licence, the annual cost of your insurance could rise by 89%.

How much does insurance increase after 3 points UK? ›

Generally speaking, three penalty points on your driving licence will affect your insurance premiums by about 5-10%. All penalty points will have the potential to increase the amount you pay in insurance premiums. When you get a quote you must be honest about motoring offences as it could affect your cover.

How long do you have to declare points UK? ›

Legally, you only need to declare the points for five years.

This means that a 5-year endorsement would be valid for 4 years. This validity period is taken into account if you re-offend within it.

What is USA highest speed limit? ›

The highest speed limit in the country is 85 mph (137 km/h), which is posted on a single stretch of tollway in exurban areas outside Austin, Texas. The lowest maximum speed limit in the country is 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) in American Samoa.

Where in the US has no speed limit? ›

Only one state, Montana, is left unspoiled with no daytime speed limit.

What is US speed limit in America? ›

What is the speed limit in the USA? The maximum speed limit on rural interstate highways is 70mph, with a 45mph minimum. On four-lane divided highways, the limit is 65mph, and on all other highways it's 55mph. If you are driving through a designated school zone, you must drop to 15mph.

How far do you travel in 1 second at 70 mph? ›

SpeedMetres per second
6 more rows

How many car lengths is 2 seconds? ›

The two-second rule is equivalent to one vehicle length for every 5 MPH of the current speed. It's preferable to use seconds to gauge safe distances instead of feet or car lengths because vehicle sizes (and people's depth perception) vary widely.

How far to stop braking at 75 mph? ›

Reaction Distance = Speed, Calculate Stopping Distance:

Therefore, if you are driving 75 mph, it will take you approximately 356.25 feet to stop your car.

How fast can a car brake? ›

A modern vehicle with good brakes and tyres, after braking, is capable of stopping at approximately 7 m/s2. A dry road that is sealed and level enables good friction between the tyres and the road to help stop the vehicle sooner. Scientifically, it has a coefficient of friction of approximately 1.

Can you tell how fast a car was going by the damage? ›

The severity of the damage can tell investigators important information. A minor dent may indicate that a driver was traveling at low speed or that the driver had nearly enough time to finish braking. Severe damage can tell investigators how fast a vehicle may have been traveling or how hard the car was hit.

Does a loaded truck stop faster? ›

On average, the stopping distances of a truck that is traveling on dry ground at 65 MPH is anywhere between 335 to 400 feet. This number changes with the weight of the truck. A truck with an 80,000 pounds load isn't going to stop at the same distance as an empty truck. In fact, the loaded truck should stop quicker.

Is 20 mph a legal speed limit UK? ›

20mph speed limits are in force in many of the medium and larger cities in England and Scotland and more rural authorities are introducing larger scale extended 20mph programmes. If Scotland also sets 20mph default speed limits, up to 28 million people in the UK will live in local authorities where 20mph is normal.

Why is the UK speed limit 70 mph? ›

There are actually speed limits at 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, and 20 mph. The 70 and 60 were introduced as a result of the oil crisis in 1974 and kept for road safety purposes afterwards.

Is the speed limit 60 to 30 in the UK? ›

What is the national speed limit on different roads in the UK? The national speed limit for cars, motorcycles, car-derived vans and dual-purpose vehicles is 70mph on motorways and dual carriageways with a central barrier, 60mph on single carriageways and 30mph in built-up areas.

Do they use miles for speed limits in England? ›

Despite the UK having officially converted to the metric system, they still use mph as well.

How many mph over the speed limit is allowed in UK? ›

What is the 'rule'? The 'rule' itself is quite straightforward: if the speed limit is (for example) 30mph, the rule states that you won't get a speeding ticket unless you are going 10% plus 2 mph faster than the limit.

How fast can you stop at 20 mph? ›

At 20 mph, as noted above, once the brakes are applied, it takes approximately 19 feet to stop. However, at 30 mph, the braking distance is not the expected 29 or 30 feet, but actually closer to 43 feet.

Is it ever legal to speed in the UK? ›

So, on a 40mph road, you could go up to 46mph without incurring a ticket. Only, that's not the law. It's a recommendation handed down by the National Police Chiefs' Council. The police can choose to prosecute you even if you're drifting just 1mph over the limit.

What road has no speed limit? ›

Germany's autobahns are famous for being among the few public roads in the world without blanket speed limits for cars and motorcycles.

What car caused speed limits UK? ›

The Cobra rolled, colliding with three young French spectators standing in an unauthorised viewing point. AC's test run has often been cited as the reason behind the 70mph speed limit on UK motorways, but that is a myth. Sears explains: “The speed limit was introduced in July 1967, three years after the furore.

Did UK speed limit used to be 80? ›

In December 1973, lower speed limits were introduced as a consequence of the government's response to the oil crisis - the motorway speed limit was reduced to 50 mph until May 1974 when the temporary restriction was lifted. The present government announced plans to increase the motorway speed limit to 80 mph.

How do I get away with a speeding ticket UK? ›

There are certain defences which could get you out of paying a speeding ticket which are:
  1. Details on the Notice of Intended Prosecution are incorrect.
  2. You weren't driving when the fine was issued.
  3. There were no speed limit signs.
  4. The speed camera was incorrectly calibrated (this is very hard to prove)

What is the new speed limit in the UK? ›

The national speed limit is 60mph on single carriageways, 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways. Restricted roads or roads in built-up areas are usually limited to 30mph. The sign that shows you are in a national speed limit area is circular with a black diagonal line going through it.

What are the new speed rules in the UK? ›

Speed limiters are now a legal requirement for all new cars sold in Europe. From Wednesday 6th July 2022, all manufacturers are officially required to integrate smart speed limiting technology called Intelligent Speed Assist or Assistance (ISA).


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